Queen Izabella

Izabella Laba is a distinguished mathematician at UBC. She is also a feminist of a perniciously authoritarian bend. I’ll be commenting on her public statements in later posts.  Her most recent salvo is directed at a male colleague, who to an outside observer would appear to have fully credentialed feminist bona fides. His faux pas in this case was to suggest dialogue where Laba would like to see authoritarian enforcement instead. She won’t entertain an open discussion of the potential causes of women’s underrepresentation in the hard sciences. Instead, she wants hiring and conference quotas enforced, period, full stop, shut up.

Within minutes of reading Laba’s post, I read this piece about female scientists who made fundamental discoveries but did not receive the credit they deserved. I’ve done no independent research on these stories and have no reason to doubt the facts as presented in that article. The stories are painful to read (in at least one case, anti-Semitism also played a large role). I sincerely wonder what these women would have thought of Laba’s ham-fisted Social Justice Warrior measures.


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