Does Sailer count as “high profile”?

Sailer is on a roll today. In particular:

It’s extremely important that we all try to keep this straight: race doesn’t exist, but a perm, a lifetime membership at Hollywood Tan Salon, and a deep sense of racial grievance doesn’t make you a black. On the other hand, plastic surgery and Photoshop makes you a woman.

Got that?

Not having anything particularly insightful to add, I thought I’d selfishly savor the frisson of an in-joke without sharing. But then I saw this. Sure, it’s a scatological fever-swamp and I have no idea how much respect they hold in the general leftosphere. [So why go there? Masochistic onanism To better understand the other side.] Anyway, here’s the money quote:

But here’s where a bizarre case is going to get stupid. The story is getting national coverage, and before you know it, some asshole is going to ask why its OK for Caitlyn Jenner to live as a woman but not ok for Rachel Dolezal to live as a black woman? So, my question for you dear readers, is who is the highest profile person that makes that comparison? is it going to stay in the fever swamps of the wingnut blogosphere or is someone like George Will going to ask it on national TV?

So here is a question that’s above my pay-grade: does Steve Sailer count as “high profile”?

I hasten to add that while anticipating the Jenner/fake-black-lady comparison, the leftoid piece offered no hint whatsoever as to why it’s invalid. I understand that to them it’s self-evident without any shadow of a doubt, but I would have appreciated a rambling obscenity-laced rant coherent, cogently argued explanation.

Update: Looks like we’ve found a higher-profile asshole.


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