Let’em all in

I, for one, think that Europe has to — as a matter of fierce moral urgency — admit every single refugee migrant. Especially this guy

My first reaction upon seeing this was, “Stop giving away the game, you fool! Sure, take the welfare checks and the women, but don’t talk about it like that!.. At least retain some plausible deniability — y’know, like the guy who invites a girl upstairs to see some etchings”. But then it dawned upon me that giving away the game is a big part of the game. Nevermind the etchings, this roleplaying act is from a different opera. This spelling out of the precise nature of the humiliation adds to the frisson for both sides. The gentleman in that video explicitly tells the Europeans that he is going to take their women and end their bloodlines, and that they are going to pay for it all. And some significant portion of Europeans delight in obliging him.


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