Both sides have a point

A follow-up of sorts. Prompted by a facebook post, featuring this person, with the caption

NC just passed a law saying people must use public restrooms based on the gender on their birth certificate at the time of birth without exception. I can’t wait to see what happens when someone who looks like this walks into a ladies room full of white women #republicansarestupid

Except for the gratuitous sideswipe at white women (would black women be any less freaked out?) the troll has a point. So would a counter-troll, who’d post this or this or what I’m sure must by now be a long list of such counterpoints.

You’d think there must be a clear-cut rule that lets the Shawn Stinsons go commando with the boys yet keep the “fat hairy perv [from flashing] his hairy nutsack at your six-year-old daughter”. And if you read my linked post (titled “stumped” for a reason), you’d know that coming up with such a rule is not nearly as simple as it might seem at first sight. My best current attempt would be something statistical in nature: if ≥75% of the people in the locker room you’re entering are OK with you being there, go ahead. Otherwise, try the other one. Can’t clear 75% there either? Shower at home.


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