Transgender & 2nd amendment activists: unlikely bedfellows

This was seen on facebook:

Gee, I’m a male rapist who wants to rape women and I’m not allowed in the women’s restroom. I guess I won’t rape anybody after all. I was okay with breaking the rape law, but this bathroom law really has teeth.

This is the exact argument advanced by opponents of gun control: murder is a far more serious crime than illegal carry, so presumably those willing to perpetrate the former won’t be deterred by legislation banning the latter. Or, in the much pithier folk-wisdom rendition: When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

This argument is actually much more compelling when applied to guns rather than restrooms. After all, the moment a student who is legally carrying a gun enters a classroom and opens fire, he’s breaking the law. Not so with a pervert who goes into a women’s locker room not to rape, but “only” to ogle and expose himself. No law is being broken there.

Therefore, I expect the transgender activists, known for their ironclad logic, to fully endorse 2nd amendment rights.

[This note was supposed to be about guns and not transsexuals, but I’ll tack on a parenthetical comment. This blog has long recognized the subtlety of gender issues, which sets it apart from the “right-wing” camp with which it’s likely to be identified. Nor is such nuance anywhere to be found on the Left, of course.]


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