Amateur move

by Airbnb:

Airbnb has announced that it has hired a former ACLU executive as a consultant to examine bias on the platform.

Protip: Want your racial problems to go away for a while? Fork some cash over to Al Sharpton.


This story — out of hundreds of similar ones these days — struck my fancy because it’s a perfect vindication of the points I raised here. On the private/public accomodation axis, Airbnb is halfway between letting a friend stay overnight and operating a hospitality business. Up till now, it had been a gray area, freedom-of-association-wise — ripe for an SJW power grab. There you have it, folks: who you bring into your own home isn’t your private business anymore.

2 thoughts on “Amateur move

  1. The SJW hammering of B&B and simply renting out a room has already established that “your home isn’t private anymore.” The basic paradigm is that if any money exchanges hands, then it’s open season for gov’t busybodies.


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