Donald → Deirdre

A thoughtful piece by Prof. McCloskey. A couple of weak points, philosophically speaking:

“You violate natural law.” In 1940, a Catholic marrying a Protestant would hurt her family. In 1960, a white marrying a black was hurtful and was prevented by Virginia law.

Sorry, D.: without commenting on the naturalness of a black-white or Catholic-Protestant marriage, neither requires extensive surgical intervention.

But overall, McCloskey has chosen the smart strategy of telling a personal story — something that, unlike abstract polemics, is very difficult to argue with. The Bathroom Battle inevitably makes an appearance, and I can fully appreciate (I think) the angst of pre-op McCloskey around this issue. I wonder if Prof. McCloskey would agree with my 75% rule? Would the libertarian-inclined McCloskey be sympathetic to this argument? Will Prof. M be voting for Trump?


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