If you get to blame

our gun control policy for putting the weapon into Omar Mateen’s hands, then I get to blame our immigration policy for putting Muslim terrorists inside our borders. See how that works?

18 thoughts on “If you get to blame

  1. Yes, you get to (rightly) blame immigration policy. But the NYT gets to say anything it wants, true or false, logical or idiotic and then spread the word to millions. See how that works? 😉


  2. Blaming guns takes blame off of Islamic terror and impedes defense. Don’t lay down, shoot back. End the murderer.


  3. Yes, but we all have the right to call out ignorance when we find it.

    The person in question was born and raised in America, and he was raised a Christian. So that alone kinda shoots your theory to hell right there.

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      1. OK try this one. No one has yet figured out how to tell how the unborn will behave. That’s what it would have taken for any sort of immigration reform to help this situation.

        There are times to mention. Immigration but this is far from one of them.


      2. We’re not talking about generalities (i.e., the unborn, unspecified immigration). We are discussing the the concrete pros and cons of bringing more Muslims into this country. My simple statistical prediction is that more Muslims => more Orlando-type events.


  4. Or a much rosier corollary: Imagine the outcome if all the people in that club in Orlando were armed. Imagine the outcome if 2% of the students and faculty at Virginia Tech were armed. Imagine the outcome if even three teachers at Sandy Hook were armed.

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  5. This guy was born and raised in the USA. So in your weird, convoluted logic, can we blame the deaths on the fact that peope have babies in this country?

    This is not about religion, guns or even terrorism. It is about the lack of respect people have for others and the culture that celebrates immature attacks on others when anyone feels angry, disaffected, paranoid or insecure. Your own question shows this clearly — in a discussion about people that are actually dead and maimed, you have turned it into something that is all about you, so you lash out, dismissing the real disaster that has struck as less important than your desire to have a killing tool.

    That killing tool will never make you safer. It will never make you stronger. It will never make you happier. The only thing that will improve those things is to build your character and life in such a way that you have something internally to take pride in. That comes from building things up, not from tearing things down or attacking others.

    Make yourself truly stronger. Do something positive.

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    1. And by your weird, convoluted logic, metal is evil and should be banned because guns can be made from it. BTW, note the typical cheap, cowardly evasion in your comment “disaster […] has struck”. No m’boy, “disaster” is what we use to describe earthquakes and floods. 911 was not a “tragedy”, San Bernardino was not a “calamity”, and Orlando was not a “disaster”. It was Muslim terrorists massacring innocent civilians. Can you at least get the facts straight?


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