Agree and amplify

apparently works for picking up women and in particular passing their shit-tests. Don’t take my word for it. But I can tell you it works great on SJWs, or even just as push-back against the systemic power-grab.

Example: “Close the window (turn down the AC), the women are cold!”
Response: “We are all for full equality around here! Men and women are exactly equal!” Be sure to say it with such over-the-top forceful delivery and overwrought tone so as to leave no doubt regarding the sarcasm register. Be careful, though, not to give “them” any room to take your words out of context, à la Tim Hunt. Note the delicious irony: Prof. Hunt was at a feminist event, using light humor to illustrate a pro-feminist point — when he was deliberately taken out of context and had his illustrious career ruined. When you use A&A as I suggested above, you are decidedly engaging in a shitlord pushback against feminism creep — and yet, if skillfully executed, you’re untouchable!

Try this with immigration. “The US is not taking in nearly enough immigrants and refugees! We should open the borders to ALL refugees!” What, full agreement from your SJW interlocutor? Amp it up a notch. “And if housing becomes scarce, we should be temporarily asking America’s overprivileged citizens to put up refugees in their homes. Only a racist monster could possibly refuse!” We’re already shredding those anachronistic 1st and 2nd amendments, what’s one more?

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