Watched the Goldberg and Kristol

talking heads about halfway through. Neither has done much to distinguish himself lately. Kristol’s floating of David French (who?) as an alternative to #NeverTrump ought to permanently cement his utter irrelevance (and dispel any illusions of his superb acumen). As for Goldberg, it’s always fun to watch him get tossed and gored by his intellectual superiors.

Listening to these guys is a bit like trying to work out the missing square puzzle. You find yourself agreeing with their arguments, except when they lead to the absurd conclusion that 64=65 one must support Hillary, either actively or passively.

Goldberg’s mantra: “Ideas matter. Character matters.” Well, yes — and I’ll grant him that Trump is sorely lacking on both grounds. But even a chess grandmaster (which Goldberg decidedly is not) must not forget the zeroth rule of chess — namely, make sure that your opponent is actually intent on playing the game, rather than, say, cracking your skull open with an axe. A conscious homage to Sailer’s very apt Zeroth Amendment, the zeroth rule says that demographics precedes all other social and policy considerations.

So perhaps this should be considered an installment in my Stupid Smart People series. Indeed, Jonah — ideas and character matter. Now go build a prosperous modern society in Zimbabwe grounded on your solid, unwavering principles.

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