DeNeil DeGrasseLand

Though this article is properly deferential to DeNeil DeGrasse Tyson, it balks at his suggestion of a Simpsons-esque Rationalia. And while I thoroughly share the balking, I choked trying to swallow down this matter-of-fact throw-away:

It wasn’t so long ago that psychiatrists considered homosexuality unhealthy and abhorrent. There is at least one prominent, eminently rational psychiatrist who hasn’t come around on transgenders.

Hasn’t come around — as in hasn’t seen the light, is on the wrong side of history, can’t die soon enough already.

C’mon, New Scientist, would it have killed you to frame that in slightly more factual, objective terms, with less editorializing? Like this: Paul McHugh, University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, thinks that transgenderism is a pathology.
[Annoyingly, the original link to McHugh’s article seems broken, but here is a cached copy. Update: The link appears to be working now.]

Leave it to PTT to tie together the Simpsons, pompous pseudo-intellectuals, and she-males. The next time DeNeil casually refers to himself as “one of the most visible scientists in the land”, I implore you to reply with the delicious non-sequitur: How Many Gazebos Do You Shemales Need?

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