The Weiner double standard

More than a few pundits are puzzled by the apparent incongruity of the political damage suffered by Anthony Weiner for his “sexless sex scandal” — in comparison to, say, Bill Clinton’s sordid stain affair. As a regular reader of Roissy, it’s no mystery to me at all. Weiner was punished precisely because his escapades were so pathetic. Everything about him, from that juvenile handle Carlos Danger (having your kid in the picture is a classy touch) to the fact that he apparently never actually got any live action, screams beta loser. Bill Clinton was a likable guy — and I say this as someone who’s always hated his guts. Talking high-power politics on the phone while getting a hummer from an intern? Total alpha move! By virtue of being elected officials with real power, both had high Sexual Market Value (SMV). Which one are you going to forgive — the one who put it to good use like any bloke would, or the one who stupidly squandered it?

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