The Trumpocalypse

Amidst all the talk of what a terrible human being Donald Trump is, there’s precious little discussion about the actual terrible things he’ll do to America as president. At this point, the critics will retort that Trump’s policy proposals are incoherent and keep changing; the man’s unpredictable! So let’s discuss the worst possible plausible scenarios. Oh, and we’ll dispense right away with the sweaty finger on the nuclear trigger. Maybe Stalin or one of the Kims could order a nuclear strike on whim; modern Western leaders simply don’t have that kind of discretion.

So again: what are the plausible nightmare scenarios? Protectionist trade policy? A wall to keep out illegals? Halting Muslim immigration (or possibly all immigration)? Banning/requiring abortion for all? Whatever one might think of such policies, there is no arguing that they can all be fairly easily reversed with no permanent mark on the American nation.

With Hillary, there’s little argument among her supporters and detractors alike about the kind of policies she’s likely to enact. More immigration, more regulation, more activist judges. Some of these policies are not reversible, immigration being the obvious example. Nor is the Obama/Hillary camp at all shy about their ambitions of “fundamentally transforming” America. You can pretty much read “fundamentally” as “irreversibly”.

So here is your basic appeal to #NeverTrumpers: whatever damage Trump might do will be reversible; not so with Hillary.


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