Let’s cut the bullshit

The Juanita Broaddrick video matters.

If you want to argue that it doesn’t, you’ll first need to decide if you believe her story. If you don’t, you risk falling afoul of #YesAllWomen, so you’ll probably want to go with “Irrelevant cuz Bill isn’t the one running”.

Hillary Clinton didn’t just share a last name and a residence with rapist Bill (no need for the qualifier “alleged” since we’ve agreed to take rape survivors at their word). She actively enabled him. Now you could say she stuck with him out of love and devotion and for the sanctity of marriage. If you can pull that off with a straight face, I urge you to quit your day job and audition for Comedy Central. So you’ll probably want to go with “She cynically stood by Bill in order to implement her political vision later in the future”. I’d argue that Hillary’s thirst for political power likely dwarfs any vision she might have, but whatever. If we’ve gotten this far, and you’re voting for Hillary on the issues, then let’s talk about the issues and leave character out of it. Character matters, but in this election, neither candidate is running on character.

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