Alt Right anti-Semitism

I’ve seen the famous quip that anti-Semitism means “hating Jews more than is absolutely necessary” attributed to various sources, so I’ll file it under “folklore”. There is no denying that segments of the alt right are hating Jews more than necessary.

This post is not about random clickbait. It is not about the 1488ers. It’s not about the ordeal endured by David French and others (which I have no reason to doubt, except for wondering how many of these trolls are agents provocateurs). In line with PTT’s aversion to vague generalities and insistence on concrete specifics, we will discuss two central, respected alt-right commentators: Steve Sailer and Roissy, both cited here at length previously.

I have not been collecting a hate-speech dossier on these two — leave that to the SPLC, whom I revile as much as the next decent fellow. My examples will come from the most recent posts: Roissy; Sailer.

[For those readers not in the know, “skype” is a code word for “kike”, to thwart digital censorship algorithms. It seemed clever at first but upon reflection is actually stupid. If the strength of your message hinges on the ability to use racial slurs, it wasn’t a very strong message to begin with. This is not justifying censorship but rather a challenge: put the censors in a position where they can’t latch onto a n-word to disqualify your entire (possibly valid) argument. It really is possible to sensibly discuss racial policy without that word.

As for Steve: Your mark at Rolling Stone had been rightly and thoroughly defeated and humiliated; the story was perfect as is. Was it really necessary to invent an “anti-Gentilic malice” angle?]

It is perfectly OK to hate individual Jews and (ostensibly) pro-Jewish organizations. It is malicious — and, quite frankly, beneath the intellect of Sailer’s caliber — to peddle the patent lie that the left-wing Jews are somehow pursuing a global Jewish agenda (financed by Likud shekels). Are you really going to argue that George Soros is pursuing a pro-Jewish agenda? A Zionist one?

So yes, there is definite antisemitism at the alt-right, and not just at the fringes. But I maintain that Jews (both in the US and in Israel) have more to fear from Hillary than from Trump. I’d rather have a foreign policy set by Steve Sailer or Pat Buchanan than Max Blumenthal.

This blog continues to oppose Hillary Clinton and hence willy nilly support Donald Trump.

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