Spengler had called it

David “Spengler” Goldman was pretty much alone among the respected pundits who had called Trump’s victory early on and hit bullseye:

That is why I was convinced of Trump’s victory throughout. I wrote on Sept. 12, “Deplorably, Trump is Going to Win,” and on Oct. 9 added, “Trump Will Win the National Battle for Legitimacy.” 

(Another uncannily accurate predictor was Scott Adams, of the Dilbert fame.) That’s the thing about making confidence-rated predictions: The amount of confidence by which you’re willing to stick out your neck is proportional to the credibility reward you reap should you be proven correct; conversely, when super-confident predictions turn out wrong, people stop taking you seriously. Spengler has commanded my attention and respect in the past, and the stock price of his brand has definitely risen. Many others have beclowned themselves. As for PTT, we made no predictions and thus neither gained nor lost in this gamble.

Goldman had never struck me as a mean-spirited fellow and hence the following stands in stark contrast with Trump’s gracious victory speech:

The #NeverTrumpers showed elitist contempt for the American people and betrayed the interests of the Republican Party as well as our country. Magnanimity is not the appropriate response to this kind of betrayal. A new Republican intellectual core is forming around Claremont Review, the Journal of American Greatness and—with a word from our sponsors—publications like PJ Media. It is a time to be daring and innovative, to consider what policies will turn around the deterioration of the last dozen years, and to divest ourselves of the dead weight of failed ideologies.

He’s right, of course. The appropriate punishment for #NeverTrumpers is not harassment but irrelevance. Evan McMullin is calling for “conservatives” to abandon the Republican party. Good riddance to them, and I’ll shed no tears when National Review and The Weekly Standard — those staunch bastions of NeverTrumpism — go out of business. Spengler wrote, “Hillary Clinton couldn’t persuade the American people that 2+2 = 5.” Neither could the “conservative intellectuals” convince me that 64=65. Learn some lawn-mowing skills, fellas — should the worst of the anti-Trump fear-mongering materialize, that will once again become a job ordinary Americans are willing to do.


3 thoughts on “Spengler had called it

  1. National Review was not a staunch bastion of NeverTrumpism. Many of its regular contributors were various shades of pro-Trump: Victor Hanson Davis, Deroy Murdock, John O’Sullivan. For a political cause, there is no gain in purging and ostracising people for their past sins. Anyone who wants to join should be welcome


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