Dear Jared

Please ignore the various “Dear Jared” columns out there being mass-printed like those cheap fake Hanuka coins. Ignore in particular this nugget the timesofisrael saw fit to drop on its readers. In fact, you can pretty much ignore entirely any website that’s willing to associate with Hugo Schwyzer. (Seriously, guys — this thing called google lets you find out if the “third party” whose “opinions, facts and […] media content […] are presented” happens to be a certified psychopath. What’s next — a column by Anthony Weiner?) Well, maybe read this one piece, by Morton Klein (president of the Zionist Organization of America), trying to convince American Jews with way fewer Jewish grandchildren than Trump that the latter is not an anti-semite. If one were being very cynical, one might almost suspect that the latest Democrat-driven hysteria about alleged anti-semitism in Trump’s administration is a tactic to divert Jewish attention from far more serious problems in their own camp.

Update: Nugget link fixed.

3 thoughts on “Dear Jared

  1. The point about Trump having more Jewish children than most American Jews is a very good one. I wonder if the targets of this point will grasp its significance, though.


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