What supremacy?

This piece has been making rounds on social media. While the genre is well-trodden, the piece is written in an uncharacteristically calm tone and makes a reasonable attempt at respectful debate (though it does at times resort to pointing and sputtering).

Some of it is sheer nonsense:

Many forms of white grievance just merited a one-line answer. Why isn’t there a White History Month? Because in American schools every month is White History Month; teachers don’t need any special reminder to mention George Washington or Thomas Edison.

To see why this is nonsense, “go to Google and type in American inventors” (by all means follow the link and read the whole thing).

There’s also the silliness about Trump being an antisemite — um, no.

But enough nitpicking. PTT is not a “data” blog; you don’t come here for cutting-edge statistics. Instead, we try to argue from general principles, whose validity does not hinge on any particular dataset.

As a random example, take Cuba: workers’ paradise or socialist hell-hole? We could sift through the healthcare and literacy figures (some of it self-reported by Cuba, and it’s not like commies ever fudge the numbers). Or we could apply the PTT diffusion gradient™ test. Are people willing to risk their lives to cross the border, and if so, are they trying to get in or out? The gradient arrow clearly points outward, and that tells me everything; you can put your CIA factbook away.

Closer to home, you might naturally ask: If the US is such a rancid cesspool of white supremacy, why is it that Africans are risking their lives trying to get in rather than out?

To see how the diffusion gradient applies to race relations in the US, examine the phenomenon of Flight From White. Consider the idea of “passing” as a member of a given race. In the past, people definitely tried to pass for white. Jews used to do this as a deliberate assimilation strategy.

Which way does the gradient arrow point nowadays? In this Stampede From White, the various groups can barely keep up.

Indeed, who’d want to be a member of a despised out-group on its way to extinction — but just not fast enough?

The notion of white privilege does not pass the PTT diffusion gradient test.


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