PTT Sailer watch

As far as anti-Semites go, Steve Sailer is a rather benign one. I have never seen him advocating any specific actions against the Jews, either at state or individual level. An admirer of the Jewish State’s supposed ethnocentric concern for its core Jewish citizenry (if only!), he (reasonably) wishes that some of Little Satan‘s survival instinct would rub off on Satan’s big brother, and (not unjustifiably) faults large chunks of American Jewry for its double standard on Jewish/Gentile nationalism.

Sailer occupies that rare intellectual ecosystem where he has no natural enemies. Oh, he’s got enemies all right, but these are mainly point-and-sputter types — who prefer to question his motivation for relentlessly studying something as “problematical” as HBD rather than his facts — before invariably dismissing him as a racist. A modern racist being someone who is winning an argument against a SJW, Sailer tends to win the majority of these by forfeit. He is well out of his opponents’ intellectual league; they occupy an ecosystem several evolutionary rungs below his. Few dare engage Sailer on the substance, and PTT is proud to be among the few.

We don’t fault Sailer for disliking Jews per se. What would an intellectual response to that look like, anyway? We shall, however, point out a couple of instances where an undeniable animus is clouding Sailer’s otherwise lucid reasoning.

One particularly salient such moment was during Sailer’s instrumental role in exposing the UVA rape hoax. Steve’s linking to an obscure blogger was apparently what had gotten the ball rolling (or, to mix metaphors, unraveling). Along the way, Sailer began to expound upon the role played by glass in the fabrication. Part of his exegesis was illuminating, such as the connection between Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Stephen Glass. Not one to quit while he’s ahead, Steve went on to hallucinate a parallel between the wampeter broken glass and Kristallnacht. Now it’s true that some Jews are in a perpetual state of the-Cossacks-Nazis-are-coming paranoia (although they would be wise to recalibrate their threat radar). But there is zero evidence that “anti-Gentilic malice” played any part in Erdely’s motivation. What — an unscrupulous, progressive (pardon the pleonasm), feminist SJW journalist desperate for a narrative-confirming story featuring a Great White Defendant wasn’t a sufficiently cogent explanation? Pretty weak, for a man who coined the term “Occam’s Butterknife“.

Sailer’s other occasional hobbyhorse is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On this issue, Sailer finds himself on the side of the dyed in the wool antifas, who ordinarily wouldn’t take a squat on the same acre as him. What’s more, he displays none of his usual subtlety or nuance. On more than one occasion, Sailer has likened the Jewish return to their ancestral homeland to a Japanese invasion of Southern California. The comparison is so inept, so bizarre, that I will just leave it without commentary. A man of lesser intellect might be forgiven for such a crude blunder, but at Sailer’s IQ level, this can only be the product of enstupidating animus.


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