Mount stupid

A hat tip to Scott Aaronson for re-acquainting me with Mount Stupid. Aaronson was last seen here engaging in the somewhat weasely behavior of walking back his “thrown in prison for life” blog post in the comments section of a different post — yet as of 04-Jun-2017, the original post is still up without so much as a hint that Scott does not, in fact, wish to see men thrown in prison for their private beliefs.

The latest Aaronson post is mostly standard SJW boilerplate and not of interest to us, except for the following bit:

One reads about the historic irony of some American Jews, who are eligible for German citizenship because of grandparents expelled from there, now seeking to move there because they’re terrified about Trump.

PTT will issue a blanket statement: Any American Jew considering moving to Germany because he’s terrified of Trump isn’t merely occupying Mount Stupid. One does not achieve this level of stupid as a lowly amateur; you can only ascend this Everest of stupid with professional Sherpas. Strident Trump derangement compounded with the maladaptive “escape” to Germany (Germany!) is virtuoso. Welcome to the list, Scott.

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