Unlikely bedfellows II

David Cole manages to touch upon several points close our post-tenure heart. The first has to do with the Left’s increasingly militant policing of romantic preferences. His piece covers the well-documented “sexual racism” that’s so rampant in the gay culture, and the cognitive dissonance it causes to the who-whom SJW psyche. (We won’t make detailed predictions on how this intersectional battle will play out, but when a penised “woman” calls out a lesbian for rejecting “her” advances, our money is on the hairy nutsack.)

The other point is how in their flailing logical incoherence, the Left occasionally happens to stumble into a right-wing talking point. We already noted how the tranny bathroom advocates were essentially making a classic pro-gun argument (but ineptly). Now Cole points out (and I kick myself for not noticing it first) that the SJW demand for sexual preferences to be PC-compliant contradicts the Left’s objection to any attempt at a cure of unwanted same-sex attractions: these are supposed to be hard-wired at birth and immutable. Cole further manages to conceptually link the hard Left’s meddling in sexual attraction with white supremacy — a link both parties will be thrilled at, I’m sure. Well done, Cole.


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