Racist cop kills migrant woman; the frontlash

came right on schedule. This time the likely explanation is not terrorism; I largely agree with the analysis at the link that a guy “who ha[s] the ability to work a cush ass white collar job but instead make[s] 38K starting pay to referee people’s marriages” is a “disaster waiting to happen”. It’s also more than probable that Noor was an affirmative action hire — and might it be that these incompetent Pokémon points have a greater tendency to mis-apply deadly force (and mess up in general)?

In another frontlash story, Berkeley’s transit authority is refusing to release surveillance video of the recent crime wave on their trains lest it “create a high level of racially insensitive commentary”; David Cole is all over that one.

Hours after the story of Justine Damond’s killing broke, people were posting and reposting it on social media, trying to get answers. This was among the first sources that I saw reporting on the cop’s identity (don’t count on MSM for that), so I pasted it into one of the threads. Immediately, the outrage shifted from an innocent woman’s life being taken to the “racist” comments on the news site.

The death of Justine Damond is a tragedy, but it’s not your personal tragedy or mine. On the other hand, people being more concerned with “racially insensitive commentary” than with preventing crime, or being more outraged at “racist comments” than at an innocent woman’s senseless death at the hands of an incompetent cop, is a tragedy at a national scale. This is pure suicide by better dead than rude. Don’t do it, America.


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