Lysenko is smiling

The facts are summarized (I’d otherwise say alleged but I happen to have corroborating first-hand knowledge) in this Quillette piece. The fields medalists are on it, but I humbly posit that a crucial angle is still missing. Has anybody tried to discover the identity of the referees who recommended the paper’s acceptance? As a future example to others, they can be publicly shamed, fired from their jobs, thrown in prison for life


Update. Given the sad state of the news, one can at least be consoled with an Instalanche! Thanks, Glenn.


12 thoughts on “Lysenko is smiling

  1. Well, to be fair, nobody is being sent to actual physical gulags (yet) — so in that sense, my Lysenko comparison was over the top. The depressing insight of soft tyranny is that you don’t really need the threat of imprisonment and torture; a twitter shaming campaign will do the job more often than not.


      1. You’re being a weasel and a troll. The latter is quite manifest in your comments on gowers’ blog, but starting to come out here as well. You claim there’s a shaming campaign. I ask who’s being shamed. You (ineptly) dodge the question. Now put out or get out.

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  2. Heh. Seems like I touch a nerve. Sorry. I find it strange how often people seem to feel entitled to answers to questions they ask nowadays. Even uninteresting ones.


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