The curious incuriosity about the shooter

RS McCain is quite right to point out that the press’s unwillingness to ask the usual questions (who is this guy, where did he come from, what made him tick) is best explained by their desire to blame it all on Trump. Indeed, the bodies had barely been laid to rest, and already I was being bombarded by messages of “Sure, it’s a tragedy and all, but let’s not forget that It’s All Trump’s Fault (and make sure to vote correctly on Nov. 6)”. This gives new meaning to the jaded “have you no decency” line. McCain’s post also has some interesting (and deplorably under-reported) information about HIAS working hard to import more Congolese, Afghanis, Syrians into the US. This is a double whammy on the Jews: it makes American patriots rightly angry, but it also helps bring in people who are not known, on the whole, to be particularly Jew-friendly. Sad!


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