Ahmari-French synthesis

The recent Oberlin verdict gives David French ground for claiming vindication, and PTT joins him in celebrating this small victory. We had called the last Ahmari-French bout in Ahmari’s favor and have no intention of walking that back. Famous for our Solomonic rulings, we are going to propose a Hegelian synthesis to French’s thesis and Ahmari’s antithesis. This really seems like a no-brainer: Why impose the false dichotomy of either by-the-rules legal victories or all-out street brawls? Every large, successful entity has a respectable legal arm and a rough-and-tumble skull-cracking arm. If David French were to position himself as the legal arm of the conservative movement, he would get nothing but praise from PTT — and I daresay from most of his fiercest critics. It’s when he (effectively) got in the tank for Hillary that he earned heaps of scorn. For full redemption, French must come to terms with the reality of the Cold Civil War being played out, with all of its attendant blood, gore, dirty tricks, and white-hot hatred. Anyone who’s not playing for keeps will have that boot gleefully ground in his face, forever. In practical terms, it means supporting the candidate who is likeliest to promote “our side’s” interests — with all of his flaws and rough edges. You keep scoring those courtroom victories, David, but don’t forget that you need “our bastard” fighting the street battles. Nevermind that Trump has actually managed to accomplish pitifully little of what he’d promised his base; he’s our bastard, who is always preferable to their bastards.

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