Hazony’s vision

The post title is a pun on the Hebrew word “hazon“, which means “vision” (senses 2, 3).

For the record, PTT is greatly disappointed by Hazony’s performance in the conference invite/uninvite fiasco, as documented at length on vdare. The worst, from our perspective, were not the craven and ungentlemanly aspects (though these were surely bad) — but rather how deeply self-defeating such tactics inevitably turn out to be. PTT has hammered the alt-right ad nauseam for squandering the opportunity to form a strategic alliance with the type A Jews (the only ones who matter in the long run, anyway). Fairness demands that we come down equally hard on Hazony for squandering this opportunity from the other side. Sure, race is a radioactive topic — one that has the potential to willy-nilly distract you from topics you deem more important (as Sam Harris found out). I broadly support Hazony’s political vision and understand that he must strategically weigh considerations such as respectability and funding. Still, Hazony could have done the honorable thing and remained agnostic on race (as Scott of slatestarcodex has opted to do). But no: disinviting the people he accidentally invited was not enough for him. He also had to take to twitter. This has the feel of a sincerely held belief, beyond mere attempts to ingratiate himself with donors and intelligentsia as a goodwhite. Prediction: Hazony’s project, though broadly admirable, will not succeed.

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