Romney to Weiner: Hold my ginger ale

They’re having a lot of fun kicking ole Mitt around at Instapundit & thereabouts, and the abuse is well-deserved. The man’s behavior has been nothing short of pathetic: the way he declared Trump beyond the pale during the primary, only to come crawling back as soon as the Orange Man dangled a senior position in front of him — which was, of course, Trump’s calculated humiliation of this dog-on-car dweeb who lost to the guy who actually ate dog. All this scheming and humiliation and fake twitter accounts would have been nefarious had it actually gained Romney any tangible benefits; the reason why he’s so pathetic is that, like Weiner before him, he got caught with his pants down and nothing much to show for it. Oh but I’m sure David French would still prefer Romney to Trump on onanistic proceduralist grounds. Cucks of a feather…

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