Quantum supremacy follow-up

Scott Aaronson took a break from basking in his being awarded an ACM fellowship (see my Fields Medal post) to address the quantum supremacy kerfuffle we’d just called him out on. We take this opportunity to shout-out to the #cancelled physicist Luboš Motl, whose take on things is, as usual, 99.99% more correct than that of the 99.99% of his braying detractors.

We sympathize somewhat with Aaronson’s predicament. The man has shown clear signs of getting it in the past; he’s too much of a free thinker to swallow the woke agenda wholesale. And yet he’s horrified at the possibility of having to swallow the red pill, and so continues to virtue-signal even as he realizes that won’t save him from the SJW mob. (It’s all there in his post, just go read it.) Scott Aaronson would do well to closely study the case of Bret Weinstein. I’m not urging him to take Weinstein’s path, just reminding him that these things have a way of choosing themselves, without asking you.

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