Signs of the resistance

We are heartened to see that not only has Steven Pinker not yielded an inch to the braying mob, but also the Linguistic Society of America has wisely decided not to act on that “open letter” (for now). You can be certain that the woke gangsters will keep trying.

Also encouraging was Prof. Joshua Katz’s brave rebuke of his Princeton colleagues’ shameful betrayal of the principles of open inquiry and free speech. ” I am embarrassed for [my colleagues],” writes Katz, and we know the feeling all too well. A particular low point for our colleagues was #ShutDownSTEM; you can be certain that greater depths of debasement will soon be plumbed.

We close with a criminally heretical thought communicated to us by a wise man (lightly edited):

Affirmative action, lowering the standards of admission, hiring, etc. looked like a bargain. You dilute the quality a bit, and purchase peace and stability. That was a static analysis. A dynamic analysis shows that those admitted because of their membership in a group, seemingly as an exception or a temporary measure, are now the first to demand a permanent lowering of standards, permanent group rights. They dont want to remain charity cases, they want to remodel the institutions in their image.

Just so. “One moves swiftly and imperceptibly from a world in which affirmative action can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too weak to a world in which it can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too strong,”  said Caldwell, but this applies far beyond affirmative action programs. A while ago, mentioning IQ data was impolite; now it’ll get you fired. Same for crime data. You’d think we’d have learned Chamberlain’s lesson by now: There is no peace in our time.

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