History vindicates Ahmari,

repudiates David French. Too early to tell, you say? Ordinarily, we’d agree — but the pace of history has been accelerating so rapidly in recent months, that the AhmariFrench debate from over a year ago already feels ancient. So here is Ahmari sounding the alarm about twitter censoring NYPost reporting critical of Joe Biden. French’s reponse? I can see why you’re upset, but hey — at least twitter is letting you sound the alarm on twitter!! By comparison, Glenn Greenwald comes across as the epitome of integrity and acumen — and that’s saying something. We’re beginning to miss the old lefties; how long before Chomsky sounds more sane than French?

We don’t often toot our own horn on here, but our commentary from a year ago has held up well:

The notion of persuading the other side in rational debate is what makes Western civilization superior to the various shit-holes. PSA to French and his cronies: In order to have a debate, you need a working mic. When the other side resorts to cutting you off (say, by getting you kicked off of facebook, twitter, and youtube), you’ve lost the debate before it even got started. It doesn’t matter how persuasive your arguments are if no-one is allowed to hear them.

2 thoughts on “History vindicates Ahmari,

  1. French could have had a point when he used the “Twitter isn’t denying you every microphone, just their microphone” defense… if he’d done anything to decry them deplatforming his allies.

    Instead, he seized on those who conflated Twitter censorship with government censorship, and used that to justify treating Twitter censorship as a complete non-issue. I’d agree that it’s significantly worse to have government agents combing all your communications for forbidden material than for one of the world’s largest communications companies combing the messages you send on their network. However, it’s still worth a lot of attention — especially if you’re employed as an advocate for the point of view that said company has forbidden.

    Plus, that’s assuming Twitter hasn’t successfully lobbied for special treatment somehow. If it has, then Twitter’s censorship is blessed by the government, so the excuse goes from “true-but-insufficient-for-this-purpose” to “false”.


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