It was David French’s good luck

to have Sohrab Ahmari as his debate opponent rather than Richard Hanania (PTT pingbacks on the former: here, here, and here). Here’s Hanania’s tweet,

Shorter David French: Go fight and die for feminist reading circles in Afghanistan. But you have no say in what your children are taught with your tax dollars. It’s called conservative principles.

which is a fair summary of the NYT piece French co-authored arguing against anti-CRT laws. Without calling out French by name, Michael Anton captured this sort of thing beautifully in his Flight 93 essay:

Your job is to show up and lose, but you are a necessary part of the show and you do get paid.

3 thoughts on “It was David French’s good luck

  1. French is the very incarnation of the kind of loser conservative that liberals love.

    A lot of resistance to wokeism now comes from liberals and leftists with a more populist, class-based focus, such as Freddie de Boer, Matt Taibbi, Angela Nagle, David Shor, and Thomas Frank. Conservatives serve capitalism, and wokeness is a disease of capitalism, which means conservatives don’t know how to fight it.


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