Roissy goes full Stormfront

This blog has not been short of support for the alt-right, even while noting its anti-Semitism. (Jews like Bret Stephens are definitely not helping the situation.) But there comes a threshold beyond which one simply throws in the towel and says, “I don’t care what otherwise witty or insightful observations you might offer. To hell with you.” Spencer dances right on that threshold, and Sailer has come within spitting distance. Well, with his newfound fondness of “generation zyklon”  — and a fastidious adherence to writing Jew in the lower case — Roissy has definitely crossed it. And then some.

So long, Roissy. I don’t know if you honestly believe that zyklon is a necessary ingredient in white people’s future, or are only throwing that out as cheap click-bait (or perhaps a Lombardian two prong). I’ve gleaned valuable evo-psych insights from you over the years, but you’ve run out of new stuff to offer. Oh, and the zyklon thing never ends well (not even for its valiant deployers, I mean).


We mock Roy Moore

for his retrograde views on “sodomy,” while also mocking Germany for the bestiality brothels “spreading [there] faster than ever”. I advise doing the latter mocking cautiously, lest you get swept out in a Caldwellian tai otoshi. And for goodness’ sake, don’t leave any record of your disapproval of zoophilia — could cost you your job ten years down the road. [In that linked PTT post, we predicted that legalizing gay marriage would normalize polygamy, incest, and pedophilia. We stopped short of man-goat love, demonstrating once again that reality will find a way to outdo even the most preposterous, outlandish predictions.]

Smarting from the loss

of Roy Moore in Alabama. PTT had both predicted and rooted for a Moore win, so this one hurts a bit. We take mild consolation in this PJMedia analysis, and also in that Sailer too apparently got this prediction wrong — at least insofar as can be inferred from the passage excerpted in the previous post.

Speaking of Sailer, his latest takimag title, “Threatening Jewish Prosperity”, appeared to portend the usual mad knife skillz. But once you get past the obligatory “anti-gentilic” tic, the main thrust of the article is fairly sensible. The conclusion that “the social justice jihadis […] are increasingly threatening Jewish prosperity” could have come straight out of the PTT playbook.

Coalition of the fraying fringes

Sailer gets this one exactly right:

what does it say to the most important demographic group in the country at keeping the country running, the hated cishet white males, at what their future fate would be in a Democratic Party-affiliated institution? If Franken goes down while Roy Moore gets elected, which party would you as a young white man feel more appreciated in? Which one would be your (relatively) Safe Space?

Yes, the very “diversity” that propelled Obama into power will be the Democratic Party’s undoing. Oh, and this will be the party’s new face, after all the men are gone:


Woke. White. Women! Did we mention that PTT is an adamantly pro-abortion blog?

This is why we can’t have nice things

The Commissariat has issued a new directive:

For articles with a particularly poor gender citation ratio, journal editors could ask authors to reflect upon and justify why their particular manuscript necessitates a disproportionately large number of references to male-authored work, and then reject work if the justification is not compelling.

I used to think this sort of thing couldn’t possibly happen to the leading journals in my field, but now I’m not so sure. Just in case, I’m going to start citing Autumn Kent multiple times in every new submission.

Cut the bullshit II

So now we’re supposed to believe that the Democrats actually give a fig about sexual harassment. PTT will not play the game of “who’s worse”, but we will make the uncontroversial claim that the Democrats have certainly done their share of harassing and protecting harassers (as well as rapists, pedophiles, murderers).

Thus, PTT calls upon all sides to Cut. The. Bullshit. The current stink being raised about Roy Moore makes us think the Democrats don’t have any substantive issues to attack him on. This is the guy who was removed from the bench for refusing to comply with a higher court’s injunction to take down the Ten Commandments. Attacking him as a Christian fundamentalist would be fair game. Instead, the Democrats’ chosen line of attack is about as flimsy as this one on Trump, and we predict that it will have as much success.

Pathetic spectacle

Few spectacles are as cringeworthy as watching (nominally) conservative white guys falling over each other to proclaim their love for MLK. “MLK is my idol! See, I’m not a racist!!” (LOL this WaPo piece from Jan-2017 titled “Martin Luther King Jr. was a true conservative”.)

You can feel their visceral anger when it’s pointed out that MLK was, putting in mildly, a flawed individual. “Stop giving away the game, you damn fool! Don’t you understand that we need a black hero as a symbol?! Who cares what he was actually like in real life? Plus it was all so long ago!..” [Oh, but the Dixie flag has got to go, right Phil?]

What a wretched pack of cowards, dweebs, myopic naïfs! Hiding behind MLK to deflect racism charges is so 1998. If you’re not dancing in step with the latest SJW tune, you might as well have a white sheet over your head. And you’d better stay current with the latest, as some bona fide progressives recently found out when they made the mistake of deviating slightly from the dogma du jour.

The “conservative” love for MLK is pure Dane-geld (perhaps with an admixture of Stockholm syndrome). We know how this story ends.