is apparently a known trolling tactic in comment threads — so much so, that it’s been banned by Eidolon, the classics magazine devoted to “dissembling [sic] of this dangerously misguided dream of white Europe”. PTT hadn’t heard of “sealioning”, so we did some searching:

A Sealion is a person who, when confronted with a fact that they don’t care to acknowledge, say, the persistence of systemic racism in America, will ask endlessly for “proof” and insist that it is the other person’s job to stop everything they are doing and address the issue to their satisfaction.

The meme comes from this comic, which was helpfully transcribed here:

[Comic transcript:

Panel 1: Man and woman in an old-timey car.
Woman: I don’t mind most marine mammals. But sea lions? I could do without sea lions.
Man: Don’t say that out loud!

Panel 2: Human-size sea lion appears behind them.
Sea lion: Pardon me, I couldn’t help but overhear…
Man: Now you’ve done it.

Panel 3: Close up of sea lion behind annoyed-looking woman.
Sea lion: I would like to have a civil conversation about your statement. Would you mind showing me evidence of any negative thing any sea lion has ever done to you?

Panel 4: Man and woman at their dinner table, with the sea lion still behind them.
Woman: Go away.
Sea lion: There’s no need to raise your voice. I’m right here. I’m just curious if you have any sources to back up your opinion?

Panel 5: Woman in bed, with sea lion standing beside her.
Woman: You’re in my house.
Sea lion: You made a statement in public for all to hear. Are you unable to defend the statements you make? Or simply unwilling to have a reasoned discussion?

Panel 6: Man and woman at the table the next morning, sea lion in between them.
Man: Told you, dude. Sea lions
Sea lion: I have been unfailingly polite, and you two have been nothing but rude.
Woman: I am trying to eat breakfast.
Sea lion: Very well. We shall resume in an hour.]

I find this terribly confusing. In the above scenario, who is the good guy and who’s bad? In the definition above, Sealionism was illustrated by racism-denial, whence I conclude that the sealion is the bad guy. And yet… Isn’t singling out the sea-lions out of all the mammals as somehow undesirable, well… racist? And then, in Panel 5, doesn’t “You’re in my house” smack of anti-immigrant sentiment? Reading the comic naively, I see a white, cishet couple being rude and abusive to a courteous brown migrant.


The flip side: Richard Spencer

It makes sense that “Spencer has attempted to ingratiate himself to the Israeli right by calling for an alliance with Jews”. (He calls himself a “white Zionist” — cute.) As hammered here ad nauseam, whatever their differences, alt-right and right-wing Jews are natural strategic partners against the common threat of Islamic terror. But the Goy, Bye Jews aren’t solely to blame for squandering this opportunity; Spencer is pretty much the mirror image with his Nazi salute.


Update: It’s been pointed out in the comments and elsewhere that Richard Spencer himself did not actually make the Nazi salute — at least not in this instance. This does not change the substance of the argument.

“Jews” reject Trump

“The Rabbinical Assembly has joined the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in issuing the following statement regarding our decision not to convene a 2017 High Holiday conference call with the President.”


Conspicuously missing from the list: Orthodox rabbis — i.e., the leaders of the most only Torah-observing Jewish denomination. #NotAllJews


We may have jumped the gun there in assigning any collective blame in the “Goy, Bye” fiasco. It is being strongly (and I believe sincerely) condemned by all the right “prominent Jews” — and it’s not at all clear why the latter are any less representative of “Jewish opinion” than the former. What is this Jewish opinion, anyway? If, say, the majority of American Jews endorsed eating pork, defiling the Sabbath, intermarrying, and BDS — would that make those things Jewish? No: we claim that there is a core set of Jewish values that is not determined by majority vote. Spitefully taunting the Gentiles (as in, Goy Bye) has never been a Jewish value — and is, in fact, explicitly prohibited by Halakha.


So let’s put the blame back where it belongs: with the individuals, who though of Jewish ethnicity, are emphatically anti-Jewish in their values: the Chomskys, the Soroses, the Sanderses, the Blumenthals.

Is PTT a Sailerite blog?

That is how a commenter (comment #16) at isteve refers to us: “Posttenuretourettes (high quality / low volume Sailerite blog)”. We appreciate the “high quality” compliment but have to wonder about the “Sailerite”. PTT has certainly had its share of encounters with Sailer. As the links indicate, we find Sailer to be an original and astute observer who gets many things right and a few things dead wrong — some of these for reasons of personal animus. The latter is unfortunate, as Sailer manages to alienate many alt-right sympathetic Jews, who would be natural allies.

And yet, when Bret Stephens (jokingly? hate-baitingly? Lombardianly?) proposes replacing Americans with immigrants, it’s hard to blame Steve for not being a philosemite. Heck, one can even see where those “Jews will not replace us” placards are coming from. Not one of the 5 linked think-pieces purporting to explain the slogan makes the connection. Oh, and Goy, Bye!? Oy vey! Seriously, American Jews, if you are more threatened by a white supremacist than a militant Muslim, you’re on Mount Stupid.

Google fires sexist pig

And PTT belatedly joins the chorus of outrage. Do these people really think they can stop a remorseless sexist pig just by firing him? He’ll just get a job somewhere else. And continue to spew hate-speech! Pen screeds!! Scribble diatribes!!! Now throwing him in prison for life would be a start. And don’t tell me Google can’t actually arrest people. They’ve got enough political muscle to make it happen.

Racist cop kills migrant woman; the frontlash

came right on schedule. This time the likely explanation is not terrorism; I largely agree with the analysis at the link that a guy “who ha[s] the ability to work a cush ass white collar job but instead make[s] 38K starting pay to referee people’s marriages” is a “disaster waiting to happen”. It’s also more than probable that Noor was an affirmative action hire — and might it be that these incompetent Pokémon points have a greater tendency to mis-apply deadly force (and mess up in general)?

In another frontlash story, Berkeley’s transit authority is refusing to release surveillance video of the recent crime wave on their trains lest it “create a high level of racially insensitive commentary”; David Cole is all over that one.

Hours after the story of Justine Damond’s killing broke, people were posting and reposting it on social media, trying to get answers. This was among the first sources that I saw reporting on the cop’s identity (don’t count on MSM for that), so I pasted it into one of the threads. Immediately, the outrage shifted from an innocent woman’s life being taken to the “racist” comments on the news site.

The death of Justine Damond is a tragedy, but it’s not your personal tragedy or mine. On the other hand, people being more concerned with “racially insensitive commentary” than with preventing crime, or being more outraged at “racist comments” than at an innocent woman’s senseless death at the hands of an incompetent cop, is a tragedy at a national scale. This is pure suicide by better dead than rude. Don’t do it, America.