Queering up Tolstoy and the Strugatsky brothers

Tolstoy you’ve all heard of (but did you know there’s more than one?). As for the Strugatsky brothers — you’ll have read them only if you grew up in the USSR (or, I suppose, if they happen to be your academic niche). Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that these disgustingly cishet white male writers are finally being queered up. The stoic count is being posthumously violated by a broad named Ani Kokobono,  who “brings Tolstoy in dialogue with several queer theorists, who imagine relationship patterns outside the heterosexual marriage” bla bla. As for the Strugatskys, although Oksana Husieva and the architects of the Entirely Different project are letting them rest in their graves (for now), they are busily supplementing Russian sci-fi literature with the “feminist, LGBTQIA+, Inclusive, and Environmental Activism” it has so sorely been lacking all of these years.

In these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we keep our priorities straight (pardon the expression). I don’t care if you’ve found a vaccine or a cure — you’d better be appropriately intersectionally diversified, and don’t even think about wearing the wrong shirt pattern, Mr. Dude-wall! And I don’t care how much of a hit the economy takes as a result of the quarantine; our top priority must be to ensure that Mxs. Kokobono and Husieva can continue to do their critically important work.

On blondness

In 2014, Sabrina Erdely wrote that now-infamous rape hoax story for Rolling Stone. PTT had previously credited Steve Sailer for his role in exposing it. The piece, which Rolling Stone took down in the wake of the scandal, is relevant to this post (it can be accessed, e.g., here). Here is Sailer’s early take on it:

A close reading of the Rolling Stone article demostrates [sic] Erdely’s pervasive ethnic malice against the university founded by Thomas Jefferson, which she views as a bastion of sinister gentile culture just itching to unleash another Night of Broken Glass against the helpless.

But her anti-Gentilic* malice is unlikely to be mentioned […]

A close reading of Erdely’s article indeed provides ample fodder for armchair psychoanalysis. It’s plainly clear that the author is a tendentious, unscrupulous demagogue with an ax to grind. The topic of this post is the quintessential who-whom question: Who is wielding the ax — and against whom? Sailer &co answered it thus: This is a case of the Jews demonstrating their “anti-Gentilic malice”. The Jefferson-as-a-bastion-of-sinister-gentile-culture bit above was pretty weak (read her whole piece), but Erdely gave them more ammunition in the following passage:

[Jackie had] initially been intimidated by UVA’s aura of preppy success, where throngs of toned, tanned and overwhelmingly blond students

Sailer swooped in to play up his frequent theme of Jews bearing unreasonable, unjustified, unfair, unprovoked grudges against the gentiles:

Erdely‘s explanation for why those who know Jackie best didn’t rush her to the hospital or call 911 or even pay much attention to her claims over the next two years is that the University of Virginia is an alien, hostile, conservative country club

Now PTT has repeatedly called Sailer out on this, and to be fair, he has considerably eased up on the Jew thing in recent years. To be fairer yet, we must readily admit that Erdely’s gratuitous mention of blondness is surely indicative of some kind of malice. We take it to be standard-issue lefty hatred of whites. People like Erdely don’t primarily identify as Jews — and when they do, it’s for political expedience. Erdely doesn’t see the world via the Jew/goy dichotomy; she’ll never use the word “goy”.

Ordinarily, we’d be happy to let Sailer and Erdely have each other. What irked us was that ascribing a specific anti-Gentilic malice to what is obviously a generic hatred of whites actually gives Erdely too much credit: she’s not enough of a Jew to hate goyim qua goyim! But Sailer has nothing on a commenter here going by Crown28, with whom I engaged in a lengthy thread. Things started out civil enough; I agreed with his claim that she hates goyim and he with my counter-claim that she hates all white people (and especially men). Much of the back-and-forth was devoted to trying to divine specific aspects of Erdely’s psychology (which I’d much rather leave to her therapist) and arguing about the semantics of whether a blanket misanthrope can be reasonably called anti-ginger. My interlocutor was articulate and displayed erudition, picking up on my mention of a people-hater named Jean-Paul as a Sartre reference. Things became unpleasant toward the end, when he began quoting excerpts (apparently**, from here), describing a Holocaust survivor’s hatred of his Nazi tormentor and of the blondness that the Nazi ideology so obsessively fetishized. After a passage describing harrowing abuse, his only beef was with the “Hans-hater’s blondophobia”. That was a step too far for me, and the sentiment appears to be mutual, so the thread has come to its merciful end. Definitely “more than absolutely necessary” right there.

By an odd coincidence, I just finished reading Matti Friedman’s Spies of No Country. There, on pages 175-176 he writes

Placing the Jews of the Islamic world at the center of Israel’s story helps illuminate a few misunderstood aspects of the conflict here, like the intense animosity in the region toward Israelis as intruders – “Crusaders” or “Colonialists”. In Cairo, for example, there’s a giant painted panorama celebrating the Egyptian army’s crossing of the Suez Canal in the 1973 war, and Israeli soldiers you see in various abject poses, surrendering to heroic Egyptians, are blond. That’s funny, because if you’ve ever seen real Israeli soldiers, you know many of them look a lot like Egyptians. In fact, some of the Israeli soldiers at the Suez Canal undoubtedly were Egyptians.

This is all complicated and uncomfortable in the Arab world. It leads to questions about where the Egyptian Jews have gone, and the Iraqi Jews, and the Moroccan Jews, and why. It leads to an understanding that if the State of Israel is a problem for the Arab world, then it is to some extent a problem created by the Arab world by victimizing and finally expelling the Jews who were native to that world. It’s better to play on European guilt, and to expunge your own, by calling Israelis “colonialists” and painting them as blond. As it happened, the Jews telling Israel’s story have generally been happy to think of themselves as blond, because they’d just spent a few centuries in Europe being caricatured as swarthy Orientals.

That’s all I wanted to say on the blondness issue; I’m all blonded out. Any further comments on the topic will be referred to this post and the ones it links to. If after wading through all of this muck you still believe that a secular, deracinated Jew like Erdely harbors a specific anti-Gentilic malice, with blondness as its proxy — well, then you’d better smash whatever screen you’re reading this on, because the Mossad is watching you.

* I’ll refrain from going off on the tangent issue of whether to capitalize “gentile”. If Sailer wants big-G, I’ll humor him.
** For some reason, he wouldn’t provide a link — so as to deny the site the traffic, I suppose?

Late revelation

One time, in the late 90’s, I was at a mall in the US and saw a tall, muscular African-American young male with a large letter G branded into his upper arm, in the deltoid region. It wasn’t one of those wussy branding jobs, either — the scar tissue protruded a good half inch above the skin. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out what the G stood for (damnit, should’ve asked him). Over the years, some had suggested “gangsta”. But now I know the truth: it stood for the g-factor!

COVID-19 as bioweapon

Despite credible early suspicions that the Chinese virus might have been a leaked bioweapon, there are now compelling reasons to believe otherwise. But I had a conversation the other day where an idea was brought up that I have not seen elsewhere, so will air it here. Let’s go with the current scientific consensus: WuFlu evolved naturally in that giant petri dish that the wet markets provide, without deliberate intervention from Chinese scientists. Still, the ChiComs did deliberately suppress early reports of Corona (I purposely linked to a lefty source to demonstrate broad consensus on this). Now why would they want to do that? Much of this can be explained by short-term economic considerations and fears of travel bans. But might a more cynical, long-game calculus be in play? Could the ChiComs have predicted the complete economic shutdown into which much of the Western world has plunged itself — just as China is recovering and booming again?

Experts are in agreement regarding the ineffectiveness of bioweapons: the very specimen you weaponized is likely to turn on your own population. That calculus doesn’t hold up for asymmetric warfare. What’s a few hundred thousand lives to the ChiComs? What’s a couple of million — if it means emerging victoriously dominant in the aftermath of the self-inflicted economic apocalypse in the Western world?

Stephen King goes for DIE

As if directly responding to PTT’s Die or Survive challenge, idiot famous person Stephen King tweeted: “Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.” A flood of responses featuring visual rebuttals and well-deserved vituperation followed. This Washington Examiner column does a nice summary, including a PTT-esque trollage by Caleb Hull: “How dare you assume their genders”.

Yes, Stephen King is an anencephalic imbecile who should stick to peddling material produced by paid ghost writers, and yes — bemoaning the dearth of women makes you an enforcer of the gender binary. But sharing the hilarity at Stephen King’s expense misses a gravely serious issue. Namely, suppose he had been right. Suppose Trump’s coronavirus team had indeed consisted of the most competent people available, who all happened to be cishet white males. Would that mean that Stephen King had a valid criticism, after all? Would his brave critics then slink off with nothing at all by way of rebuttal?

DIE or survive

Steve Sailer has been using the acronym DIE to denote the Diversity-Inclusion-Equity racket; an apt coinage. He has just now proposed suspending the DIE efforts, at least until we survive COVID19 as a civilization. This will actually be a good test of the PTT dark thoughts pessimism. Will we collectively come to our senses, at least temporarily, as we battle a deadly pandemic? Or will we insist on assembling an exquisitely intersectionally balanced team of non-#canceled non-dudes, come hell or high water?

Scarier than Corona

is the firing of Bo Winegard from Marietta College. The article doesn’t say it, but in the podcast interview he mentions that one of the triggers to his being fired was him liking a tweet by Steve Sailer.

We posit that, all things considered, the firing of an academic for legitimate research is a bigger threat to civilization than a coronavirus. The projected death toll from the latter seems to be comparable to that of the flu, and in any case, this threat is, at least in principle, amenable to technological solutions. One can be optimistic about a vaccine or antiviral agents making it all go away. But not so if the dudes from the dude wall have all been #cancelled, and there’s no-one left to give us the nice things, like bridges and medicine.

Pavlik Morozov

was a child hero is Soviet Russia. The story (whether apocryphal or true — likely the former) was that he denounced his father for not complying with the ongoing collectivization, for which his father was shot. Pavlik’s relatives then killed him in retaliation (for which they themselves were executed) and the Pavlik Morozov meme became the subject of plays, operas, shrines, etc.

Now PTT is rather careful with historical comparisons. For one thing, it turns out that to discourage crimethink, you don’t need to go through the whole trouble of shooting the crime-thinkers: the threat of #canceling is more than enough to keep the vast majority quiet. Still, when a young brat denounces his father’s “deliberately racist question”, the comparison seems apt. The actual “racist” hate-question consisted, in its entirety, of “So why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” — which did make our tenured head spin a little, but not much, given the state of the public discourse.

Nobody was shot (or, to our knowledge, #cancelled) in this affair. The story has made it into the news and there’s no point in obscuring the dramatis personae. The father’s name is Tom; the son is Matt; they share the last name Burtell. There is no doubt in my mind that Matt Burtell would have no compunction about stepping on his father’s dead body to score additional SJW virtue-signal points. You’ve raised a fine young man, Tom.

Unlearning Race

Sam Harris has a new podcast episode out called “Unlearning Race“, which I only heard half of because I’m not a subscriber and he cuts it off midway. The interviewee is someone named Thomas Chatterton Williams, who I’d never heard of, but he’s published 2 memoirs by age 38. Something about the unique experience of growing up biracial in America (hey, it got one guy elected president). The conversation fluctuated between boilerplate grievance-mongering and sensible calls to end the American obsession with race. I’m happy to abolish all talk of race from the national discourse, and by that I mean all talk — including all the bean-counting. I’ll eat my hat if in that 2nd half of the episode, Harris and Williams agreed to put diversity on the chopping block. Will you take PTT’s in mala fide offer, Sam?