Have you seen this amazing viral ad

for Harry’s razors? Oh sure, they cleverly disguised it as an ad for Gillette, but would a savvy advertiser really deliberately alienate customers like that? Well played, Harry’s. I’ve heard for some time that you’re a cheaper and higher-quality alternative to Gillette, and I’m ready to make the switch!

Update (h/t):

Update II: Looks like our premature shilling for Harry’s was a major self-goal. Wiping egg off face, will now shill for dollarshave, as long as they stick to shaving and skip the moralizing.

Update III: Glenn really breaks it down for the libertarians (who?) at Reason:

DELIBERATELY MISSING THE POINT: Reason: The Gillette Ad Tells Men Not to Hurt People. Why Is This Offensive?“Yes, the ad invokes ‘toxic masculinity,’ an ill-defined concept sometimes deployed by the campus left in overbroad ways. But most of the ad depicts men deciding not to bully each other, harass women, or commit violence. Are these really ‘leftist social priorities’? Do conservatives really wish to portray them as such?”

Now try this: Ad tells black people not to steal. Why is this offensive?

Or maybe: Ad tells women not to lie. Why is this offensive?

Or, so that the Reason folks will really get it: Ad tells pot smokers not to become drug-crazed mass killers. Why is this offensive?

But I think the reason that this really struck a nerve is this: Men are used to being treated badly on TV shows and in ads, because women control most discretionary spending. But now men are even being treated badly in ads for the products they themselves buy. Advertisers thinking they can get away with that is a pretty open expression of contempt. And the contempt is being returned.



Woke white parents

agonize about having woke white children:

“Everyone is trying to do the best for their kid,” she says. “But I actually think that there are times when maybe the best interest of your own kid isn’t actually the best choice. Ultimately, being a good citizen sometimes conflicts with being good parents. And sometimes maybe parents should decide to be good citizens over being good parents.”

The obvious solution, which Noah Berlatsky for some strange reason fails to mention (too dim-witted? a white supremacist himself?), is for white people simply not to have biological children, but rather to adopt them from Africa. No worries about them running out over there.

Medical resident fired

for saying she’ll give Jews wrong medicine:

Medical resident at Cleveland Clinic Lara Kollab, who published antisemitic statements on Twitter regarding her Jewish patients at the hospital, was dismissed from the hospital, the Cleveland Clinic reported on Monday.

Both Canary Mission and StopAntisemitism.org called attention to Kollab’s tweet from 2012, in which she wrote “ill purposely give all the yahood the wrong meds…”

This is terrorism all right, but of what variety? Not of the kind you can score cheap anti-Trump talking points on, apparently — and so my media feed won’t be cluttered by spam from the usual anti-Semitism worrywarts. If they bring it up at all, expect lone wolves and root causes.

How does Pinker avoid getting in trouble

That’s the question Sailer asks here:

Pinker, for example, is an outspoken advocate of the politically incorrect science of IQand heredity. For instance, Pinker tweeted earlier this year:

“The Blank Slate is cracking: With polygenic scores corroborating twin & adoption studies in showing IQ is in good part heritable, even schools & left-leaning mags are walking back the tabula rasa.”

How does Pinker avoid getting in trouble like DNA researcher James D. Watson or Pinker’s friend Larry Summers, former president of Harvard until he gave a Pinkerian talk on sex differences in IQ?

We agree that Pinker has had a good long untroubled run, but if 2019 ends up making 2018 look like 2017, his luck may well run out.

In particular, this woman is out to get him, and she plays for keeps. Not a solo hunter, she usually attacks as a part of a pack to ultimately claim her scalps. And she’s got some scalps to show for it.

Spear thrown. Scalp claimed. She later joined the pack that eventually got another highly accomplished scientist fired, on nothing more than he says/she says.

It took multiple attacks (gotta give her points for persistence) but she was instrumental in the NIPS power grab (er, name change).

So it’ll be interesting to see how this battle of the titans will play out. If the PTT rule of thumb is of any guidance, Pinker may not come out of this one with his glorious scalp fully intact.


Update. In light of the comments, we remind everyone of the Zuleikha project — especially those men who have had a personal interaction with the woman in question.

Like salve on my wounds

A lefty sees his hopes crumble:

The arc of history was not supposed to look like this, I thought, as I followed Matteo Salvini, the most powerful man in Italy, through the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Another day, another world leader was in Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu, known to most here simply as “Bibi.” And just like Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Rodrigo Duterte, and Jair Bolsonaro before him, Italy’s populist interior minister was not coming to scold the Israeli prime minister. Here was another strongman both happy to be in Jerusalem and ready to work with Bibi.

I was frightened. Taking my lead from the late David Landau, the former editor in chief of the newspaper Haaretz, I believed that unless Israel made painful, unilateral sacrifices, all would be lost. I even felt that it was the duty of the Jewish diaspora to wake Israel up to this inevitable tomorrow. Like Peter Beinart, I advocated boycotts of settler leaders and their produce.

But Bibi took the opposite bet: that ethnic and cultural change would lead to an anti-liberal backlash making Orbán, not Obama, the model for European leaders. Rather than populism being a hiccup on the road to a grander, woke tomorrow, Bibi bet that it was the tomorrow.

It goes on and on like that, and the pain, palpable in every word, makes the piece well worth reading. Ben Judah is a perceptive boy, admirably willing to admit unpleasant truths. As he wistfully recalls the period when “populism” appeared to be a historical hiccup, I wonder if it occurs to Judah that he and his bloodline are the biggest hiccup in this whole story. Nothing would make us happier than to see Judah live out his ripe old age surrounded by grand and great-grandchildren on a kibbutz they built in the Galilee. But that would be betting against the long odds. Far more likely is that his 1.86 statistical children come out as trans — which would no doubt fill him with intersectional pride. And he’ll always have the cats.

Tucker Carlson for president?

He lays out his philosophy in this interview, which is well worth watching, and even makes us curious to read his book (and we at PTT are very snobbish about our reading list). Carlson appears to really get it, and his ability to cut through the BS is quite admirable. In that nearly hour-long segment, we only found two objectionable points: his praise for Paul Ryan (ugh, blech — and even that was a segue to voicing his criticism), and his misguided stance on abortion (yes, religiously motivated stances can be pragmatically wrong). But these are minor points, in the scheme of things. Why is nobody floating the idea of running this guy?

PTT is a “network of neocon types”

It’s encouraging to see that hard-core anti-Semites (of the “more than is absolutely necessary” variety) tend not to be very bright. I almost spilled my drink reading this:

There is a network of neocon types trying to subvert the alt-right who are active on Sailer’s blog. Here is a blog that they are organizing and strategizing on:


Over the coming years, we can expect the entire neocon movement to reorganize to more effectively subvert the alt-right and nationalists in Europe. Part of that is shutting down agents and ops whose cover has been blown. Bill Kristol and Max Boot openly distancing themselves from conservatism and cuddling up to liberals is part of this. Ditching the “Weekly Standard” label is another.

The alt-right and nationalists in general lack a coordinated response to this trend, which stated in Europe around ten years ago with the “Counter Jihad” as an attempt to draw support away from real nationalists like the BNP. Nick Griffin has done great work researching the neo-neocons, but most nationalist leaders have been MIA. Many people on our side have welcomed this neocon subversion as useful or dismissed it’s danger.

I predict that unless there is an organized, highly publicized effort to counter this by our leaders, the neocons will succeed in time at making nationalism as impotent as conservatism. The most important thing is to speak out against any nationalists who accept any kind of help from neocon types. They must be purged aggressively before they become too powerful. Once that happens, they will work with their handlers to purge us. It will be an exact replay of what happened to conservatism.

I have heard some disturbing things lately about infiltration of gentile pro-Israel activists into nationalist organizations in Europe. An absolute, hard and uncompromising line must be taken against any individual or group who moves one millimeter in that direction.

The most effective way to stop neocon infiltration of nationalism is for all nationalists to openly support the Palestinians. If support for Palestinians is mandatory in nationalism, it will be impossible for neocon types to infiltrate. We need leaders who will publicly lay down a hard line on support for Palestine and who will immediately expel anyone who doesn’t go along with that enthusiastically. The way to keep the neocon subverters out is to make our movement as uncomfortable for them as possible.

This is mighty stupid (though not Everest stupid — hire some sherpas, pal). Any sane European nationalist will naturally want to forge ties with Jewish nationalists (i.e., Zionists) against their common enemy (i.e., militant Islam). But what killed me was the part about the network(!) of neocon(!!) types conspiring here at PTT. Any regular reader will know that we get comments here once in a blue moon (which suits me fine, since moderation and discussion is a major time commitment). And given the amount of invective PTT has hurled at Jonah Goldberg, Brett Stephens, Bill Kristol and co, the neocon slur is particularly rich.