Mea non culpa

To anyone waiting for PTT to jump on the bandwagon denouncing Trump: don’t hold your breath. This isn’t to say that PTT doesn’t find his recent performance harmful for the country and ruinous for GOP — we do. But you come to this blog for novel insight, not to hear what’s already being shouted from every rooftop.

PTT has gone on record as supporting Trump in 2016 — with the crucial proviso that it’s a binary choice between him and Hilary. Do we regret that decision? Of course not — not for a second. For a glimpse into what Hillary would’ve brought us, check out Biden’s nominee to head of DoJ’s Civil Rights Division. Don’t miss this bit:

[…] at the core of the human brain is the “locus coeruleus” which is a structure that is Black because it contains large amounts of (neuro) melanin which is essential for its operation.

[…] Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than whites.

[…] human mental processes are controlled by melanin–that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.

To be fair, we got quite a bit of that under Trump as well. Sometimes you (the average citizen) are just dealt a crappy hand, with no good options.

So yeah, sorry not sorry. Supporting Trump over Hillary was the only rational thing to do. The question was never “Is Trump good” but rather “Is Trump better than the alternative”.

Update: From STEM Caveman’s comment below: “conservation of Overton: she closes one window but opens another”.

EU Court upholds kosher slaughter ban

Story here, h/t Yoram Hazony’s tweeter thread. Muslim ritual slaughter (halal) has also been banned. Has circumcision been banned yet? Hazony notes that if this is intended as an anti-Muslim measure, it’s craven and feckless: “If you’re willing to have Muslims, let them eat Halal. If you’re not willing to have Muslims, say so and leave the Jews alone.”

PTT prediction: Muslims will flout the ban and the EU will turn a blind eye. The Jews will largely comply, and those who dare to maintain the tradition in spite of the ban will get the brunt of the law.

The cancel list

My morning routine involves checking my phone for stuff I missed while sleeping, with the ever-present thought, “Have I been canceled yet?”. Nor is this an idle concern: we live in the age of the Cancel List. Make no mistake; that is exactly what this is:

Imagine that you’re a graduate student who’s been dreaming of a career in machine learning. What do you do in the face of a powerful and ruthless bully? And no, nobody is being dragged off to the Gulag (yet). The woke mob has discovered that the threat of cancelation suffices to enforce conformity in the vast majority of cases.

No New White Friends

Before my multitudes of readers rush to chide me for violating the PTT mandate of engaging opponents of intellectual substance rather than random internet kooks, let me assure you that the point of this post is not to engage one Virginia Duan, who wrote this piece for a site called “”. To excerpt any one nugget is to do grave injustice to that precious intersectional quilt, so do go read the whole thing. Does she run diversity training sessions too?

Some 9 years ago, John Derbyshire was fired from National Review for publishing an article in takimag. The piece, titled “The Talk: Nonblack Version”, was his reaction to the deluge of self-indulgent columns following the killing of Trayvon Martin — all of them about The Talk. No, not this talk, silly! Giving that kind of advice for avoiding problems with the police sounds like it came from a different planet. So who volunteers to get fired for taking every instance of “white” in Duan’s piece and replacing it by some other ethnic group?

[OK, you got me — this post was largely an excuse to link to that Chris Rock video. I’m surprised youtube has let it stay up this long, and won’t be surprised if it gets taken down soon, so go watch it before it’s gone forever.]

Google fires black woman

for something apparently related to “data violence” — details are a bit murky at this point. The fired woman cries racism:

What I’m thinking today is that if this is happening to me, with an incredibly supportive team+manager (who is also a director) & a lot of visibility, what are they doing to other Black women?

Now google has never had a racist bone in its body. They have always rushed to expunge any hint of thoughtcrime with Torquemadaesque zeal. Still, I would love for the justice department (or whoever investigates these things) to come down on google with the full brunt of government apparatus for their horrible racism and white supremacy. It’s a good thing there’s a cure for racism, because the google folks deserve to get it good and hard. [We have a strong suspicion she’ll be hired back soon.]

PTT rises to Instapundit’s


So Hunter Biden is going to be interviewed by Fox News, and his handlers are trying to prepare him for tough questions. “When they ask you about the crack pipe, act all indignant. Be like, how dare you? It’s my private business! Addiction is an illness, not a sin, etc.” After days of rehearsing, the interview is finally on. First question: “Would you like to comment on the incident where you masturbated during a zoom call?” Hunter: “You totally got the wrong guy, man! I’m the guy with the crack pipe!”

Update. Instalanche!

Bari Weiss almost gets it

We made an exception to the PTT MLK full stop rule, and continued reading Bari Weiss’s piece, even past this:

The founding documents were not evil to the core but “magnificent,” as Martin Luther King Jr. put it …

In many ways, she suffers from a political schizophrenia similar to Scott Aaronson. She cogently articulates the problem (American Left’s rabid anti-Semitism) and illustrates it with plenty of vivid examples. She has no illusions about Joe Biden: “Did you hear that the Biden campaign apologized to Linda Sarsour after initially disavowing her?” “In the event of a Biden victory, it is hard to imagine [anti-Semitism] meeting resistance.” But again, like Aaronson, Trump Derangement Syndrome makes an obligatory appearance.

Weiss’s piece has the effect of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater without pointing to an exit door. The election is less than 20 days away. No candidate is ever perfect, and we all know everything that’s wrong with Trump. Of the two candidates, is there one whose victory might be better for Jews — at least the type A ones? And if so, wouldn’t it be useful to point this out?

The word war appears multiple times in Bari’s piece, which ends with “We should never be shocked that any ideology that makes war on these true and eternal values will inevitably make war on us.” We agree with her, but wonder how seriously she takes her own words.

History vindicates Ahmari,

repudiates David French. Too early to tell, you say? Ordinarily, we’d agree — but the pace of history has been accelerating so rapidly in recent months, that the AhmariFrench debate from over a year ago already feels ancient. So here is Ahmari sounding the alarm about twitter censoring NYPost reporting critical of Joe Biden. French’s reponse? I can see why you’re upset, but hey — at least twitter is letting you sound the alarm on twitter!! By comparison, Glenn Greenwald comes across as the epitome of integrity and acumen — and that’s saying something. We’re beginning to miss the old lefties; how long before Chomsky sounds more sane than French?

We don’t often toot our own horn on here, but our commentary from a year ago has held up well:

The notion of persuading the other side in rational debate is what makes Western civilization superior to the various shit-holes. PSA to French and his cronies: In order to have a debate, you need a working mic. When the other side resorts to cutting you off (say, by getting you kicked off of facebook, twitter, and youtube), you’ve lost the debate before it even got started. It doesn’t matter how persuasive your arguments are if no-one is allowed to hear them.